Wednesday, April 25, 2012

THE TREASURE by Susan Yost-Filgate

Yost-Filgate, Susan. The Treasure. McHenry: Raven Tree Press, 2009. ISBN: 979-1-934960-41-7. $16.95. Ages 4-7.

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The adventures of Rip Squeak continue when Euripides arrives in his newest costume: a pirate's hat, coat, belt, and leggings. Euripides has also brought a book about pirates, treasure, and even more treasure. The biggest surprise, though, is a treasure map they find in the book. Rip, Jesse, Abby, and Euripides set off on their new adventures to find the treasure, properly attired in pirate-wear. Abby is scared, but her friends guide her across logs and through thickets.

As the friends journey on, they begin to encounter animals with their own special kind of treasure. They come across ants who gleefully cart away the cookies Euripides gives them. They also meet Mother Duck and the three little ducklings that make up her treasure. This encounter prompts Rip to come to the realization that "a treasure can be something different for each of us." The final character they encounter is a dragonfly who recognizes the map and the spot that marks the treasure. He doesn't think, though, that it is much of a treasure. Nonetheless, the four friends press on. When they round the corner they find...a pirate ship! They climb aboard and raise the pirate flag Euripides has brought along. That's not enough, though, and Jesse fashions her own flag out of a scarf with a big red heart on it so that even though "we pretend we're real pirates, every one will know we're friendly." Once again, Rip has set out for adventure, but "with the greatest treasure of all--his friends!"

The themes of friendship, imagination, and adventure continue to feature prominently in Rip Squeak's journey. The encouragement and patience that Rip Squeak, Jesse, and Euripides show Abby is heartwarming and worth emulating. This is a beautiful second book of a series, and I look forward to the third.

Stephanie Ashley

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