Friday, November 30, 2012


Butler, Geoff. Lyrics by Sir Cavendish Boyle. Ode to Newfoundland. Toronto: Tundra, 2003. ISBN 0=88776-631-5. $19.95.

Sir Cavendish Boyle was Newfoundland’s governor 1901-1904 and wrote the words for its anthem, which, as Geoff Butler writes in his eloquent introduction, focus on the beauty and overwhelming presence of nature in this easternmost place on the continent. I’m lucky to have been there and can attest that even a tourist feels the rugged grandeur of the rock and its solitary situation out there in the ocean.

Butler’s paintings are wonderful, full of color, action, information, and humor, worth many a second look. Page 9 is a favorite; it has an almost Van Gogh look—but happier.

Alida Allison

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