Sunday, November 17, 2013


Klimo, Kate. Daughter of the Centaurs. Random House Books for Young Readers, 2012. ISBN 13: 9780375869754 $14.57 YA Novel- fiction. 

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Kate Klimo brings a fresh new view of this setting. Instead of zombies, vampires, and the occasional werewolf (or both) we get centaurs. Daughter of the Centaurs centers around a young girl, Malora, who dreams of following her father’s footsteps to become a horse leader of the People, a small band of the world’s remaining humans. However, tragedy strikes when her People are massacred by a group of bat-like beings called Leatherwings. Left as the sole survivor, Malora finds herself alone with only Sky, her father’s stallion, as her companion and a herd of wild horses. Three years later, Malora and her herd are captured by a group of Centaurs, her People’s ancient enemy. To her surprise and astonishment, Malora finds companionship and a place to call home in the Centaurs’ society. Despite finding friends among the Centaurs, there are those who still fear and despise the foreign human. Will Malora ever truly feel welcome in her newfound community? The story is a great coming of age novel for young teens. Throughout the novel the reader comes across themes about belonging, those who feel ostracized, and society as a whole. As a first novel, Daughter of the Centaurs is a promising start for the trilogy. The story is entertaining, a great range of characters, and light-hearted. Yet, the book displays a few flaws that include lack of character development, not enough plot buildup, and a simplistic writing style. Overall though, the book is a fantastic read and recommended for any teen interested in a good fantasy.

Jacquelyne Yawn

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