Monday, February 20, 2012


Stein, David Ezra. Interrupting Chicken. Somerville: Candlewick Press, 2010. ISBN: 978-0-7636-4168-9. $16.99.

Stein’s Interrupting Chicken is an adorable tale of a father rooster trying to help his daughter, a little red chicken, go to sleep with her favorite bedtime stories. The problem is, every time he starts a story his daughter gets so excited that she interrupts and blurts out the climax, which defeats both his goal of helping her relax and of finishing her bedtime story.

By using a variety of contrasting media to illustrate (including water color, crayon, china marker, pen, ink, and tea), Stein skillfully juxtaposes the story of two chickens with the bedtime stories being told (and interrupted) within their story. Kids and adults alike will delight in the way the little red chicken bursts right into the pages of familiar children’s stories to shout out the ending as the characters in the original story gasp in dismay.

These amusing interruptions continue even at the end, as the tables are turned on the little red chicken. After interrupting all her father’s bedtime stories, the little chicken writes and illustrates her own story for her exhausted dad. He surprises her just after she starts telling the story with his own inadvertent interruption…snores.

This fun, endearing book is sure to be a read-aloud favorite, at bedtime or at anytime. Highly recommended

Emily Moore

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