Monday, February 20, 2012


Tillman, Nancy. Tumford the Terrible. New York: Feiwel and Friends, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-312-36840-1. $16.99.

This book caught my eye because of the kitty with the “uh oh” expression peeking out from the bottom of the cover. Tillman’s gorgeous watercolor illustrations and the fun rhyming of this engaging story made me so glad that I picked it up.
Characterized with a charming mix of impish cat and curious toddler traits, TumfordStoutt (Tummy for short) isn’t a bad cat, but he always seems to get into trouble. His human parents (Georgy and Violet Stoutt) love him, no matter what mischief he makes, but they are having a hard time convincing Tummy to apologize instead of hiding whenever he makes a mess.

Throughout the story, Tillman incorporates perfect moments for other endearing little troublemakers to guess what happens next. Her illustrations – especially ofour hero’s dramatic facial expressions as he gets into various sorts of trouble and then hides (in a bag, in the garden, on a toy shelf trying to blend in among the teddy bears…)– bring the story to life as we witness Tummy’s tumultuous escapades.

I highly recommend this picture book for anyone who knows a cat, a toddler, or someone of any age who has trouble apologizing.

Emily Moore

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