Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Perro, Bryan. Amos Daragon, The Mask Wearer. Random House Children’s Books, 2012. ISBN-13: 9780375859762. $6.99.

Special Feature: Review by an elementary school student.

Amos Daragon, The Mask Wearer is an amazing novel that promises to fascinate readers of many ages. This action-packed mystery is an adventure to read and a pleasure to share. Bryan Perro has created an epic tale that should be required reading material for grades 4 and up. Well, I guess it was required reading for me. When my teacher introduced this book to the class, I was hooked.

This novel is about an adventurous boy named Amos Daragon. Amos is sent on a quest by the “Queen of the Sea.” Along the way, Amos befriends a mysterious boy named Beorf and an elusive young girl named Medusa. Can these young figures be trusted? What will Amos discover next?

Amos’ intelligence and creativity will make you laugh out loud as you read this fantastic book, which is a perfect blend of mythology and fantasy. When you finish it, you will see the world differently.

Review by Mackie Cates, 5th grade 

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