Thursday, May 24, 2012

TURTLE IN PARADISE by Jennifer S. Holm

Holm, Jennifer S. Turtle in Paradise. Random House Children’s Books, 2011. ISBN-13: 9780375836909. $6.99. Newbery Honor Book.

Special Feature: Review by an elementary school student.

Turtle is an angry 11-year-old girl. She got her name from her mother, who said “You have a hard shell but a soft belly.” Turtle doesn’t believe that! Turtle thinks she is a tough girl because she hangs out with the Diaper Gang. The Diaper Gang is very funny. They have a lot of adventures with babies who have diaper rashes. Bean has a secret formula that is called cornstarch, but nobody knows what it is. As a reader, I was surprised that they went around taking care of babies, but it was very funny.

It's the year 1935, and Turtle moves to Florida to stay with relatives. Turtle meets many relatives whom she didn’t know about. The first relatives she meets are Aunt Minnie, Uncle Vernon, and four cousins. She then meets Nana Philly, the grandmother she thought was dead. Turtle also meets a man named Slow Poke, who becomes a good friend. I found out at the end of the story something very special about Slow Poke, and that was also very surprising.

There is an exciting and scary adventure in this book. Turtle finds the map of Captain Caesar’s treasure. She and the Diaper Gang go on a boat to an island where they find a huge rock that the treasure is buried under. I really enjoyed this adventure because I would like to go hunting for treasure with them, and I was excited about what it might be. The Diaper Gang got into a lot of trouble during this adventure, and I was hoping they all would be safe.

The ending of the story was both sad and happy. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to my friends. They would enjoy the ending also!

Review by Finnegan McCool, 5th grade

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